Soul and change:Na engleskom pjesma


I was there, once upon a time
I was young, but now i am?
Older then my destiny, that gave me
Solace and despair, that was never there
From the time, when i was in the cradle
And till the time, when i go
When i have to
I was looking, above and beyond
For search of life, meaning and destitude
Solitude and years of pain, and suffering
Brought me all i had and i always wanted to had more
But im older, and sometimes wiser.Its not easy.When you have less and less people
Take a time, bring something, betwen heaven and hell
I might be here tommorow, or day after
But, when im gone?Who, will bring or work after
Its they who need, and its they who will bring my final peace
And now i worry, stress and all things in between
Between rock and a hard place, towards malice in the end
Sometimes string appear harder and stronger, then those bond that connect us
And, yet still i dream, and have hopes of a better day
Nocturnal, as i might have been
Or as wantoned as a newborn baby
Im now almost all alone, looking and trying to look
And yet im still there, for how long
For how long, i ask myself

Its not time, for me to go
But change must come
And i must help for a change
For if i was there today
Will i be there tommorow
I was once happy, but now im weak and sad
Something goes, and happines vanishes
But, then il be there, and you
Will you come and carry a endless burden
Which brings your demise, and untimely death

As death has many faces
I was there, in search of
Brighter and more sunny days

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