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Sarbans are a tribal group of Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Sarbans include several Pashtun tribes, among whom the most numerous are the Tareen and Durrani tribe.

According to legend, the Sarbans are descendants of Sarban, who was one of the sons of Qais Abdur Rashid (also known as Pathan), the common ancestor of the Pashtun people.

The name itself has been linked to another iranic group called the serboi , who've been related theorized as ancestors of Serbs and Sorbs. Pathan people have also been linked with the Lost 10 tribe of israel , with Comparison between Ashkenazi jewish and Pathan DNA. Ashkenazi's have been linked with the Khazars , a turkic group from the pontic steps and the caucausus, a location nearby where the Serboi sarmatian tribe has occupied. There's another tribe called the Horoustos, another sarmatian tribe theorized to be the origin of the name croats.

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