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BiH u Sandzaku (Sastavci)



Sastavci is an exclave of Bosnia and Herzegovina and located as an enclave just west of the Serbian town of Priboj in the region of Zlatibor. All infrastructure and systems (electricity, telecom, education, medical care etc.) in the enclave are tied to the Serbian municipality, but the citizens are paying land tax to the Bosnian municipality of Rudo. This also includes Serbian citizens when it comes to business buildings.

The enclave of Sastavci is part of the Medjurecja village of the municipality of Rudo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the area of 395 ha, 83 acres and 57 m² – about twice the size of Monaco. The area represents (1990 metres)².

The population is 270 persons (1999) and including 75 households. More than 70% of the citizens living in the exclave are Serbian citizens. 135 persons with 25 households were Bosnian Muslims.

Historic facts about the formation of the enclave on the territory of Serbia are not known, but among the population it is tied to the period at the end of XIX and beginning of XX century, when in that region, the Austro-Hungary and the Ottoman Empires where sharing the border, after the Congress of Berlin (1878) when the Austro-Hungary was allowed to annex Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is believed that, due to the ownership relations from that period, the enclave of Sastavci remained, after Ottomans retreated from Bosnia to the Raska region (Sandjak), tied to the Austro-Hungary administration. Later, with the automatic transfer already established administrative borders, enclave was left tied to the Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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